We will reduce the average water consumption to make 1 hl of beer to 2.75 hl.

Water represents one of the basic elements on Earth. The first life arose from water, and water was also crucial at the creation of our breweries. It is no coincidence that places known for the softness of the local water or offering high-quality water thanks to a nearby river were chosen in which to build our breweries. The quality of our water is also monitored by the strictest judges, its quality is watched over by trout in two of our breweries.

Water is more and more at risk due to climate change. That is why we focus our attention on effective retention of water in the countryside and to reducing its consumption in our production processes. In the past years, we have managed to reduce water consumption by more than one-third thanks to repeated investments in our breweries. Today, the average water consumption is 3 litres of water to make one litre of beer.

Water consumption development (in breweries)


At the same time, we motivate our farmers and customers to use water resources economically. This is the area where we see the biggest challenges in the future.

Water consumption per brewery (in 2020)


The Radegast Brewery is one of the top breweries worldwide when it comes to water savings, and supports projects that help return water to nature. Because every drop counts in fight for water.

In 2021, together with Microsoft, we connected experts from all around the world to help Czech hops and introduced our project called „For Hops“, which helps growers irrigate their hop yards more efficiently with state-of-the-art technologies.