As of 2025 no waste coming from any of our breweries will end up on waste dumps.

We have been reducing the amount of produced waste long-term. If wastage cannot be avoided, we look for a further use for it. Brewing and malting side products are of a purely natural nature, thanks to which we can then use them as feed for farm animals.

Ways of handling waste (in our breweries in 2020)


We pay close attention to reducing the creation of unnecessary waste, such as advertisement campaign-related change of labels, and a sustainable approach to various marketing packaging and promotion material. We adapt bottle labels so that they are recyclable after rinsing, burnable, compostable or otherwise processable.

We have been processing almost 100% of brewing side products secondarily for some time. We have been supplying farmers long-term with spent brewer’s grains, yeast and malt waste so they can use it as feed. Sewage treatment dregs are used as fertilizer and filtration kieselguhr is ploughed into soil on reclaimed lands for aeration. Recently, we started using our spent grains in the production of brewing biscuits.

Brewer´s crackers that have gone against the grains! – YouTube