Soft beverages will represent 25% of our portfolio by 2030.

We approach beer advertising and drinking responsibly. We advance a responsible approach to beer consumption and promotion. We want our beverages to bring consumers only joy and happiness.

We realize that irresponsible alcohol consumption can have a very negative impact on the lives of individuals and their surroundings. Therefore, we observe strict ethical rules that go beyond the law when promoting and selling beer, and we participate in many activities that support responsible consumption. 

By raising awareness, we are trying to change the tolerant approach of the public towards alcohol consumption by minors in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We have created a website called „Na pivo s rozumem (Drinking beer reasonably)“, that provides information about the risks and benefits of alcohol consumption.  We have also joined an educational campaign called „Respektuj 18 (Respect 18)“, that is trying to change the tolerant approach of the public towards alcohol. 

All our commercial communication is subject to strict ethical rules and processes that guarantee that we aim it solely at adults and we do not encourage irresponsible alcohol consumption. We bring our consumers a varied offer and a healthier composition of beverages as we gradually expand our portfolio in the category of non-alcoholic flavoured beverages.

Rules of responsible content on social networks

Share of portfolio of non-alcoholic beverages (in 2020)