Raw Materials

We will buy our raw materials only from farmers who grow sustainably.

We brew our beers exclusively using high quality natural ingredients. Climate change means more difficult conditions for growing, it is, therefore, essential for us, together with farmers, to ensure a stable supply of ingredients also in the future.

We buy barley exclusively in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and we process it in our own malthouses. Since 2009 we have been proud bearers of the protected geographical indication České pivo (Czech beer).

Whenever possible, we buy directly from farmers based on long-term contracts which ensure a predictable environment and fair conditions for both parties.

We actively take part in research in the area of new barley and hops varieties which are resistant to climate change. We support hop growers in their fight against drought in order to help preserve hops in the Saaz region for future generations.

In 2021, together with Microsoft, we connected experts from all around the world to help Czech hops and introduced our project called „For Hops“, which helps growers irrigate their hop yards more efficiently with state-of-the-art technologies.


We buy 59% of our barley from domestic growers.