Carbon neutrality

Our breweries will be carbon neutral by 2030.

One significant change in our approach is the commitment to achieve carbon neutrality across our supply chain – from seed to glass. However, this means we need to look outside the gates of our breweries. We realize more than ever that we will not achieve these changes alone, but only thanks to cooperation with other partners.

Our goals


Electricity only from renewable sources.


Carbon neutral breweries.
Carbon footprint 30% lower across the entire supply chain (compared to 2019).


Carbon neutrality across the entire supply chain.

Energy consumption and carbon footprint in individual breweries (in 2020)


In the past ten years, we have managed to reduce the amount of energy consumed during beer production by more than 40 percent. In the same period, we have reduced the total volume of emissions during beer production by 40 percent.
We provide more and more space for green energy sources. We are actively looking for new partnerships thanks to which it will be possible to invest in renewable sources and ensure offtake of green electricity and heat in the future.
Nevertheless, we do not want to stick to reducing energy consumption in our breweries only. We want to positively influence the entire supply chain. Only thanks to this will we manage to achieve our goal to be carbon neutral across the entire supply chain by 2050.

Production of emissions from seed to glass (in 2020)