Prazdroj again confirms it is one of the TOP Responsible companies in the Czech Republic

Plzeňský Prazdroj received two medals as part of the award TOP Responsible Company 2021 and again confirmed it is one of the most long-term sustainable and responsible companies in the Czech Republic. Within the rating called Large Company and TOP Responsibility Reporting Company it ended up among the golden companies. The Byznys pro Společnost Association has been giving these awards since 2011 and Plzeňský Prazdroj has regularly been among the highest-rated ones.

“Doing business in a sustainable way, saving natural resources and reducing the carbon footprint, these are key factors for the success of not only any company, but also the whole of human society and our planet. That is why we based our company philosophy on sustainability and integrate it across the company into our way of thinking and all our processes. We have been doing this long-term with clear goals, be it carbon neutrality production that we want to achieve by 2030, reduction of water and energy consumption or maximum recycling and reuse of our packaging. We greatly appreciate it that our approach has been awarded by such a professional jury as the Byznys pro Společnost association,” says Dragos Constantinescu, General Manager of Plzeńský Prazdroj.

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